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Feel the love, every time you walk into the room.

Imagine walking into your breakfast nook with your morning coffee, seeing your kiddo's bright, smiling face--missing front tooth in all its glory--right there on the wall to greet you.  Doesn't that just start your day off with a smile?  Make you feel all warm and lovey?!

Or imagine being that child, and seeing how important you are, hanging right up there for everyone who comes in the house to see!?  I once saw a little boy cry happy tears, dying to know if they got to keep the 20x30 family portrait that I was delivering to their house!

That's why I love what I do...alllll the feelings!  I can make sure that the printing gets done ('cause not everyone has the time, even with the best of intentions--let's be real), and that it's going to withstand time so those pieces can be handed down and cherished by the next generation!  (The black & white's I have of my grandparents' wedding are my absolute favorite hand-me-downs, and really helped me see a side of them I never got to know first-hand.)

I can take care of all of that!  Which leaves you to simply enjoy the memories.




Perfect for families of up to 6, maternity, kiddos, and seniors who aren't really into making a big deal.

Up to One Hour

One Location

Up to Two Outfits

20 Digital Images with Print Release



Tailored toward senior portraits, but also good for extended families, lifestyle sessions or those just needing a little more.

Up to Two Hours

Up to Two Locations

Up to Four Outfits

30 Digital Images with Print Release


I try to make things easy, and take care of as much of the work as possible for you!  All you have to do is show up!  Here's how the process works!

  1. Booking...I'll send you an email with links to put down your retainer and sign your portrait contract to get you booked and on my calendar!

  2. Shooting the session...we'll meet at our set time and place, and I'll guide you and your loves through the photos.  We'll make it a game, which keeps kiddos engaged and helps even the hardest of subjects forget the camera, and results in such real and fun memories! 

  3. Choosing and Delivery...within a couple of weeks, you'll get a gallery of unedited proofs.  You'll choose your images, let me know your choices have been make, and I'll get to work.  Soon after that, you'll receive your completed gallery of beautiful, completed memories!  You can print them yourselves or add on beautiful professional pieces from my lab!  (Their items are gorgeous and hand-made right in's a see/feel to believe the difference!)

Product Options

True Imagery Framed Print


Timeless and classic!  Choose from black, mahogany, or white--matted or not.  Always beautiful with traditional decor!

Starting at $200

loose prints mockup.jpg


Great for gifts, framing, and much more!  Silk paper mounted on heavy mat, this doesn't bend or fingerprint!

Starting at $15

Album Mockup.jpg


Leather, linen, and photo covers available.  A perfect option when you want to look back and refeel every memory!

Starting at $400

wrapped print mockup.jpeg


Another classic option that looks great with any decor!  Our canvas prints won't fade like consumer canvas either!

Starting at $190

Metal print mockup.jpg


Something super fun and modern!  These easily wipe clean, making them great for kitchens, and even garages!

Starting at $150

Ipad Mockup.jpg


So versatile for the DIY-er, and exactly what you need for sharing on social media!  

Starting at $35


About Me

Hey there, I'm Traci!  I've been photographing people and weddings for 11 years now, and I love it more all the time!  I'm always learning and adding new things to this business, and that--along with all the people I get to meet--really keeps it fun and exciting!  My husband, Josh, and I live in Shelby and love small-town life and hanging out with our animals!