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10 Prop Ideas to Help You Feel More Comfortable In Your Brand Session

Having something in your hands has a way of making you feel less awkward in front of the camera, and is also great way to bring in some personality to a plan ole head shot. Showing the tools of the trade or the things you create is also a great way to break up the photos in your marketing. Here are some of the most common, works-for-almost-everyone props that are easy to include in your session. Use this list to get the ideas flowing, then you can expand on these to make the session unique to you!

  1. Coffee or tea

  2. Your computer or iPad

  3. Your phone

  4. Wine, beer, a pretty cocktail, or some other drink

  5. Your favorite snacks or a cute pastry

  6. A bag, purse, or briefcase

  7. Fun accessories like a hat or sunglasses

  8. A planner or book

  9. Items that pertain to your hobbies

  10. Other people (shows behind the scenes in your business or life)

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