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5 Ways to Elevate Your Look for Engagement Photos

It's not an easy task to decide what to wear when you're getting your picture taken--I get it. And there is a difference between wearing and styling. Here are some tips for styling your outfits and elevating your look for your session.

Go Neutral While I am definitely a big fan of color, I acknowledge that neutrals are clean and timeless. This is a great way to make sure that you can hang your photos for years to come, even as the decor in your home changes.

Classic Pieces Another way to keep things timeless is to choose classic pieces that never go out. Think of classic blazers, white tees, sheath dresses, etc.

Add Texture A good way to break things up without overpowering the look to include items with good texture. Good examples would be pieces that are suede, leather, or tweed.

The Right Accessories Adding a headband, a great pair of boots or heels, or even a scarf is a great way to add some more personality to your outfit.

Layer Jewelry A couple of gold bracelets or a great pair of earrings will always dress up an outfit. It's easy to get distracted by jewelry that's too big or loud though, so layering classic pieces if a great way to get that bling without going too far.


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