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7 Questions to Ask When Deciding What to Wear for Your Brand Session

I think the question of "what do I wear?" is where most people tend to get hung up the most the when planning their brand session. Some people may love this stuff, and maybe it just comes naturally to them. Not everyone feels that way though! But this doesn't have to suck--honestly! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you figure out what to wear to your session!

1.What are your brand colors? This is probably the biggest one! Do you like to keep your feed pretty neutral? Maybe a few pops of a couple of specific colors? What colors do you use in your logos or headings on your website? You're going to be using these in all sorts of places where they'll be mixed with the colors you use in your marketing, so the last thing you want is for them to clash. I'm not saying you need to match exactly, but something complimentary is a good idea. You can pull this in with a colored blazer, some fun accessories, a pop of lipstick. You name it! This is a good place to have fun with your brand and some colors!

2. What do you feel confident in? Does a power suit make you feel like a boss? Rock it! If you have a killer pair of jeans that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, then that's your power piece! Don't be afraid to go out a buy a new piece of clothing or two if you want to. Whatever it takes to make you feel like you're ready to do this thing!

3. What feels like you? This is kind of a follow up to the last one. That power suit may not be for everyone. If you're the type that does their best work in jeans, and that's how you want your clients to see you, then that's what you should wear! This is a great opportunity to show up as the professional you are, but don't try to show up as someone else. Be you! You are your brand. That also helps build trust with your clients, so it's a win:win!

4. What will look good with your coloring? When you're picking your clothes, hold up some options and look in the mirror. Does one kind of wash you out, while the other makes you look more vibrant? Colors can definitely do that! There are services out there to help you figure out what color pallet looks best with your coloring, like this one. And there are also websites that do something similar for free. Check out this one.

5. What do I was to downplay or emphasize? Do you really not like your arms? Big fan of your long legs? Choosing clothes that draw attention to the things you like, and minimize the things you don't will have you feeling so much more confident and loving your photos so much more!

6. What season is it? Is it cold outside? It might look a little odd to have a bunch of photos of you in tank tops and sandals, and maybe even more odd to be wearing sweaters when its 100 degrees out. Take seasonality into consideration, so your content is appropriate.

7. How can you pull in some extra pops of color? I know most photographers will tell you to stay away from prints, and there is a lot of merit to that. We like solids because they keep the focus on your lovely face without distracting away from it. But a little pop of a pattern under a blazer or on a tie or scarf isn't the worst thing ever, and can be a great way to add some personality. The same way some great accessories, like a super fun pair of shoes, a hat, or a hair accessory, can really add some personality to your images!

Bonus Tips:

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Some boutiques have stylists, or you can find them online also, if you need a little extra help with this. They know all about how to dress for your shape and make you look amazing in flattering pieces!

Do a little pampering. If you want to get your roots done, update your hair cut, or get a facial, now is the time to do it! Do whatever you need to do to feel your best on the day of your shoot. Schedule your hair appointment or manicure appointment within the week of your session, so you'll be fresh and feeling confident!


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