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Feel the love again years later.  And again and again.


Imagine five years from now, a slow, lazy Sunday.  You're hanging out in your living room, and randomly pick up the wedding album off the coffee table and start flipping through it.  You see a photo, and instantly go back and can't help but laugh!  Your husband and your toddler come over to see what you're laughing at, and you all have a good laugh while you point and show your little one whose in the photo.  What's the photo you're looking at?  Can't you almost picture it?  Re-feeling exactly how it felt when your dad saw you for the first time that day and reality hit him...and how you had actual tears in your eyes from laughing so hard when your maid of honor told the entire reception about that embarrassing story from high school during her toast? 

Looking back at those moments is like nothing else.  Having them displayed on your walls and showing them to your kiddos down the road, constantly seeing the love that made priceless.

That's why I love what I do...alllll the feelings!  I love to tell people's stories and help them relive it all!  I can even make sure that the printing gets done ('cause not everyone has the time, even with the best of intentions--let's be real), and that it's going to withstand time so those pieces can be handed down and cherished by the next generation!  (The black & white's I have of my grandparents' wedding are my absolute favorite hand-me-downs, and really helped me see a side of them I never got to know first-hand.)

I can take care of all of that!  Which leaves you to simply enjoy the memories.




With almost everything included, this collection doesn't miss a single bell or whistle.

Up to 10 Hours

Second Photographer

Engagement Session

10x10 Designer Album

8x8 Guestbook

Digital Images for Printing & Sharing

Private Online Gallery

Pre-Wedding Planning Consultation

$6010 value 




My most popular collection!  All the best, expertly curated and perfect for any size wedding!


Up to 8 Hours

Second Photographer

Engagement Session

Digital Images for Printing & Sharing

Private Online Gallery

Pre-Wedding Planning Consultation

$4275 value 


Best Value $3500


Elegant and simple!  This a great option for smaller weddings!

Up to 8 Hours

Engagement Session

Digital Images for Printing & Sharing

Private Online Gallery

Pre-Wedding Planning Consultation

$3675 value 




Super simple!  Easy to add to and great for small weddings!


Up to 6 Hours

Digital Images for Printing & Sharing

Private Online Gallery

Pre-Wedding Planning Consultation

$2925 value 




Any collection can be complimented by the add-on's  and products below, or they can be used to create a completely custom collection!

Extra Hour                           $175

2nd Photographer                $500+

Engagement Sessions       $400

USB Upgrade                      $150

Custom Designed Album $700

Guestbook Album              $285

Print Credit     $100 increments

I want to make capturing your memories as easy as creating them!  Here's my simple 3-step process:

  1. Plan and get to know each other so we can make images that capture the essence of your day and your personalities!

  2. Wedding Day!  I'll take care of the timeline, my assistant will walk us all through it, and we make the magic!

  3. I'll spend about 8 week sorting and perfecting your photos, then deliver your gallery to you online so you can download and share images from anywhere in the world!

Product Options

Framed Prin2t Mockup.jpeg


Timeless and classic!  Choose from black, mahogany, or white--matted or not.  Always beautiful with traditional decor!

Starting at $200



Great for gifts, framing, and much more!  Silk paper mounted on heavy mat, this doesn't bend or fingerprint!

Starting at $15



Leather, linen, and photo covers available.  A perfect option when you want to look back and refeel every memory!

Starting at $700

wrapped print2 mockup.jpeg


Another classic option that looks great with any decor!  Our canvas prints won't fade like consumer canvas either!

Starting at $190

Metal print moc2kup.jpg


Something super fun and modern!  These easily wipe clean, making them great for kitchens, and even garages!

Starting at $150



So versatile for the DIY-er, and exactly what you need for sharing on social media!  

Starting at $1500


How long does processing take?

Processing time on wedding photos is 8-10 weeks.  While I usually try to stick to 8, sometimes things get crazy, especially in the Fall when it's busiest.

Engagement sessions run a very different schedule.  Keep reading for more on that.

How do engagement sessions work?

I photograph engagements on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings.  Session are up to one hour long, up to two outfits, and one location.  Within two weeks of your session, you'll receive a watermarked gallery of unedited proofs.  The session comes with 20 images, although more can be added for an extra fee.  Once you choose which 20 images you want, I'll get to work on the editing, and you'll get your finished images back within two weeks of finalizing your selections.

What is your style?

I get this question a lot, and it's always hard to answer because I don't know what word or phrase sums it up.  I will tell you, there are two things that people tell me drew them to my work--the natural colors and the unposed look of my clients.  And those are the exact things I want from my work, so it's so validating to hear that I succeeded in showing that!  That unposed look--that comes from how I guide my clients...which is basically making them do a bunch of ridiculous stuff (that naturally gets the look I'm going for without actually posing them) and laughing our butts off (which brings out my clients' real personalities)!  We have fun, but we get the job done without altering the true look and feel of the day and the people there.

I don't now how much time I should I need 6 hours or 8?

Most people don't do the wedding thing every day.  That's what the pros are for--to help you with these types of questions.  I always start off with a phone consultation, and one of the things we talk about is your basic ideas for your day.  I've been doing this long enough, that I can get a very close idea of how much time it will take to get everything done.  When we get closer to the wedding day, I make a real timeline with you too, so you don't have to worry it!

How do I pay you?

I deliver all contracts and invoices electronically.  Your invoice allows you to pay with Paypal or credit card, but I can also process credit cards over the phone or take check if we meet in person.

Do  you offer payment plans?

Yes!  20% of the balance is due at the time of booking to retain your place on my calendar and is non-refundable.  The remaining balance can be paid in any increment that works for you, but is due 30 days prior to the event.  Some people log in to their invoice and make payments periodically, and some wait until 30 days out and pay it then.  Up to you!

What if we have to reschedule?

You are allowed to move your date one time to any other date I have available.  If you have to reschedule again, a new retainer will be due and you'll be subject to current pricing.

Let's Chat!
This guide is a great starting point!  The best next step would be to get on a phone for a quick, 30-minute consultation to get to know each other a bit, go over any questions you have,
and get you scheduled if you're ready!

About Me

Hey there, I'm Traci!  I've been photographing people and weddings for 12 years now, and I love it more all the time!  I'm always learning and adding new things to this business, and that--along with all the people I get to meet--really keeps it fun and exciting!  My husband, Josh, and I live in Shelby and love small-town life and hanging out with our animals!

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