Hi there!  I'm Traci!

I started shooting weddings shortly after my own wedding in 2009.  I was once in your shoes, and I learned so much from my own experience! 


Among other things, I definitely learned how important it is to have a photographer that you'd even like hanging out with on a normal day!  Your wedding day is a big deal, and your photographer is around a lot!  We need to be comfortable together to capture your most real selves.  You also need someone who will help keep the day organized so you get all the photos you want, but still have a fun day that's all about you and your Love!  My background in weddings not only includes photography, but also coordinating.  I love sitting down for coffee or a drink and using my experience to help my couples organize their day!

I love shooting in places that are just a little off the beaten path.  I'm a country girl at heart, and while I love the city, that's where I'm most creative!  A session with me usually means some walking--walking down nature trails, through tall grass, up hills, down back roads, around lakes, and the like!  I love the relaxed vibe that comes with a wedding outside the hustle and bustle of the city! 

When I'm not shooting or editing, you'll usually find me in the kitchen.  I am definitely a foodie, and I love cooking, grocery shopping, and eating!  I'm all about clean food (not that I don't splurge on occasion) and toxin-free living.  I'm a little bit of a hippie, I suppose!  I live in small-town Iowa with my husband of almost ten years and our super adorable old-man dog.  I love visiting family in San Diego, so I go as often as possible and have started accepting a limited number of weddings there!