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Hi!  I'm Traci!  I'm a sucker for  nostalgia, but the best part of the photography process, for me, is getting to know people and what's memorable to them.  I helps me tell their story better and make their experience more personal and fun!

Growing up, I loved flipping through all the photo albums my mom put together with the hundreds of snapshots she took!  Some of my most cherished possessions are grainy prints of me and my brother and parents when we were younger and some old black and whites of my grandparents!   As an adult, there is nothing like seeing the people you love the most on your walls everyday and feeling that love every time you walk into that room!  I want to give that to every client and their kids, parents and grandparents!  Nothing makes someone feel more loved than seeing themself on the wall or in a frame! 

I started photographing weddings shortly after I was married in 2009.  Since then, I've only grown to love it more and more as the years go by.  I also love to cook and eat healthy, and am frequently found in the kitchen experimenting and recreating recipes.  My husband and I are usually hanging out with our dog, taking care of our cattle, and spending time outdoors.

Southwest Iowa Wedding Photographer
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