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5 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos

Your session is on the books, and you now you want to document this time in your life! You know the session is a great time to practice posing with your partner and get comfortable with your photographer. But what are you going to do with the photos aside from posting them on IG? Here are some fun ideas!

Save-the-Dates & Wedding Stationary

A lot of people use their photos on save-the-dates if they get their session done far enough in advance. Save-the-dates typically go out six months before the wedding, so you'll want to get the photos taken about 7-8 months before your day if you plan to use them for this. But if you're not doing save-the-dates, you can still use them as part of your other stationary.


A beautiful way to use and save some of your photos is to make a guestbook with them. I offer these to my clients, and it's a gorgeous photo book with lots of negative space for people to write messages and well wishes with their signatures. It makes a wonderful keepsake that you'll probably actually look at again.

Display at the Wedding

Small framed photos are super cute as party of centerpieces or table accents. Large photos are great for welcome signs or other decor on the day.

Wedding Website

If you're making a wedding website to house information about your wedding for guests, you're definitely going to want photos of yourselves. The professional photos make the site look clean and cohesive.

Display in Your Home

This one is almost obvious, but displaying your photos in your house personalizes your space. I recommend wearing clothes for your session that won't clash with your home decor for the this reason.


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