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8 Types of Brand Photos

Updated: Apr 25

A lot of people hear the term "branding photography" and sometimes think no more of it than "head shots." But it's so much more than that! We live in a world where social media is king, and it's really hard to market without it. Consumers are savvy. As business owners, we know that people aren't going to hire you if they don't know, like, and trust you. Good brand photos not only look nice, but they build credibility and can really help your audience connect with the real you--both of which help build that trust. Branding photography can include the basic headshot, but it encompasses a lot more than just your face.

1.Modern Headshots. There is still something to be said about having a portrait of you looking at the camera so people can see your face. This is a current take on the old school headshot that is so reminiscent of school portraits. We keep the eyes on the camera and the classic pose, but we ditch the boring gray background. This is more of an environmental portrait, capturing you in your world.

2. Lifestyle Images. These are meant to help you audience get to know you and find things about you they can connect with. This can include you doing things you love--hanging out with your family, hobbies, etc. Here, I would include a mix of you looking at the camera, as well as not looking, just doing your thing.

3. Behind the Scenes. People love to see what it would look like to work with you. These can be photos of you on your computer, on your phone, with a client, with your team, performing your craft, etc. The possibilities are endless here. This is about you showing your expertise in the best light.

4. Flat Lays and Vignettes. These can include your tools of the trade or products you sell. We use them as props here and there in your session, but we also want to get some photos of just hose items. We want to break up the photos of you, but we also want to be sure to get some photos you can use as backgrounds, cover photos, etc.

5. Team Photos. If you're not a solo act, including your team in some photos is a great way to show off the crew behind the brand. Highlight each person's strengths, interactions, and what they do for the company.

6. Location and Office Interior Shots. People love seeing where you work, and this can also add credibility. It's also a great way to show the amenities your place of business offers if that's part of your business.

7. Milestones and Celebrations. Is your company about to have an anniversary or launch a new product or service? Including your audience in on that celebration is a great way to connect and generate interaction with them!

8. Event Coverage.  We already talked about how including your audience in your celebration is a great way to connect. Maybe your employee morale is a big part of your brand, and this would be a great way to show that off. And some businesses generate income through events or event services, so this might be something you want to showcase in your marketing.


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