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How to Prepare for Your Brand Session

Getting in front of the camera has a way of feeling awkward, even for me. It's not like it's something we do all the time, and the unfamiliar is always a little uncomfortable at first. But with a photographer that is good at keeping the interaction fun so it takes your mind off the camera so much, and with the right preparations, it can actually feel really empowering and fun! Here are some things to think about and have ready before your session to help make the experience one you won't dread repeating!

Determine you goals for the session. Are you needing some photos for updating your website? Some good stuff for your social media? Do you have some points you're trying to illustrate to your audience? A new product or program you're getting ready to launch? Certain uses of photos require specific file sizes and proportions, so be sure to let your photographer know about this stuff before your session to be sure you leave your session with photos that fit your needs.

Write out a must-have list. If you know you need a photo of you with some empty space for text, or a headshot in certain color or location, or with a certain prop, make a list of those shots. These are more examples of ways to make sure you get photos that fit the needs of your business.

Incorporate colors commonly used in your brand. Think about the colors in your logos, the colors you commonly use in your feed, or in the color palette on your website and marketing pieces. You'll probably be using these photos in similar places, so you want to make sure they won't clash and are cohesive with your brand. You don't necessarily have to wear clothes of those colors, but you could bring those colors in with your props, surroundings, or locations.

Plan your props. Think of the things you use everyday to do run your business. The most common ones are a laptop, phone, or planner. But it probably goes beyond this depending on your business. For example, a hair stylist might also bring scissors, a hair dryer, some styling products, or foils. Or a Realtor might bring paper contracts, lockboxes, for sale signs, etc. Sometimes props are people, which allows you to showcase the way you interact with clients. There are more prop ideas in this blog post.

Look your best, maybe do a little pampering. Go get your nails done, get a fresh haircut or color, anything that makes you feel like you're looking your best! Get those appointments scheduled within the week of your session so you're feeling fresh. And be sure to wear clothes that you feel good in. I have some tips for dressing for your session here.

And lastly, trust your photographer. It's important to find a photographer that you clique with. It's so much easier to open up and have fun with your session if you feel at ease and can have fun with your photographer. Trust that their expertise will have you looking your best and showing your business in the best light.


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