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How to Include Models in Your Brand Session

In a previous post about props, I mention that people make excellent props in your brand session. Including clients is a great way to illustrate what it's like to work with you and how you interact as a service provider. Before you just have someone show up to be in your photos though, here are some things to be sure to think of in advance.

Make sure they know ahead of time.

If you are a service provider, and will be getting marketing photos taken during your work day, be sure to let your clients know and double check that they are okay with being photographed. I, personally, try to get as little of them as possible in order to keep the focus on the subject, but there is always potential for them to be distinguishable in the photos.

Talk to them about their attire.

If your brand's colors are blue and white, you don't want your client showing up in red or orange. It seems trivial, but if you are posting these photos on your website, in your social media feed, or printing them in marketing materials, the change in color will be a distraction and take away from the cohesiveness of your brand.

Ask them to prepare.

If your service will be highlighting their hair or their hands, or anything else that needs to be planned for, give them the time to make hair appointments or get a manicure, or plan their outfits. Whatever they need to do to be properly prepared for the session.

Give them extra time.

When taking photos, sometimes you'll be asked to repeat an action or stage it. All of that can add time to the time it would normally take to provide the service you normally do for that client. Giving them a heads up about that may ease them as well, depending on what the service is. Also, make sure to schedule extra time between clients in case things run over or you need to have photos taken of you alone in between.

Ask a friend.

Given that all of this can possibly be a bit of a bit ask for an actual client, it may be helpful if the person you ask to model for you is a friend or relative instead of a real client. Or maybe just a client that you know really well and you know wholeheartedly wants to see your business grow.

With all of this said, there are a lot of businesses that are easier to photograph on a day that they are closed, and just have a model there to stage photos of the service they provide. Doing so, however, is really an awesome way to show off your interaction with clients and give them a visual of what it may be like to work with you. It's so worth it!


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